FleetPlanner makes
maintenance planning easy!

From work order entry, to the shop floor, streamlining the process can be complicated, because the work environment is dynamic.

Technician availability, current shop usage and demand, and new jobs coming in, can make scheduling a complicated job.

Keeping everyone focused on the priorities and providing service on-time is a challenge.

Trust FleetPlanner to handle the administration.

FleetPlanner - Integration and Usability Combined!

FleetPlanner can automatically read in work orders from your existing Enterprise and Asset Management (EAM) system. You don't have to look things up in multiple places.

Allow technicians, customers, drivers, or pilots the ability to enter snag items or jobs themselves through an intuitive interface.

Read work orders directly from your Enterprise Asset Management System.

FleetPlanner can schedule jobs from various sources.

Full Featured Schedule Management

Everything you need to manage your shop schedule!

Schedule worksheet

Scheduling managers have a difficult job organizing regular scheduled maintenance, new incoming jobs, technicians and their availability. The FleetPlaner schedule worksheet provides a comprehensive workspace with insight into the entire shop. Scheduling managers can assign work to the technicians with all the information in one place.

Personalized Calendars

Every technician gets access to a personalized calendar that shows jobs and work orders they are assigned to. As a scheduling manager updates the schedule worksheet, the technician's calendar is updated. Personalized Calendars can be subscribed to from your mobile device so you can see the plan even when you are not logged into FleetPlanner.

Real Time Communication

When plans change, people need to know. FleetPlanner will keep your technicians up to date by providing updates to their calendar, and sending notifications. Fleet planner can also send notifications to secheduling managers, drivers, pilots and operators as vehicles change status. Notifications can be sent as email, or text (SMS) messages.


FleetPlanner can be integrated to existing work order systems. the schedule worksheet can auto-populate items directly from your work order system so you don't need to enter information in multiple systems.

BTSubmit is work order Automation!

BTSubmit will automatically read in work orders from your existing Enterprise and Asset Management (EAM) system and submit them to third parties on your behalf. Data can be validated and reformatted based on custom requirements.

Reduce the manual work of processing work orders by hand. Use BTSubmit to automatically submit work order information including parts, labour, and other billing information.

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